The Mayor and Council recently adopted Resolution 2015-04 authorizing the execution of a Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement with the Maryland Municipal Public Works Association.  This agreement will allow the City to give and receive aid from participating jurisdictions in emergent situations.  Click here to read Resolution 2015-04 and the agreement.

City Trash Collection Map

Click on the heading above to view a map of the City trash collection schedule by day of the week.  As a general rule, if a holiday falls on a week day, trash collection is pushed back by one day (ex: if holiday falls on Wednesday, Wednesday trash collection will be picked up on Thursday, Thursday trash picked up on Friday, Friday trash picked up on Saturday).

City Processes

Development Review Process:

Improvement Plans:


Streets and Roads:

City Standards and Specifications

Design Guidelines & Development Principles
(PLEASE NOTE:  Copies are available for review or purchase by contacting the Planning & Zoning office at Brunswick City Hall.)

Design Manual:

DOE or Fee Simple Requirements:

Driveway Entry Permits:

Infrastructure Acceptance:


Preliminary Plans:

PLEASE NOTE:  All Improvement Plan packages require completion of an Adjoining Property List and Public Notice Posting Affidavit.  In addition, all Improvement Plans require Public Work Agreement.

Street and Alley System:

Temporary Dumpsters:

For full requirements for submitting Temporary Dumpster Requests, see Temporary Dumpster Request Procedures

 Miscellaneous Forms:

Water and Waste Management


The City of Brunswick Water Plant provides safe drinking water for residents of Brunswick that meets or exceeds Maryland Department of the Environment and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency water requirements.  The two sources of water for the City of Brunswick are the Potomac River and Washington County springs.

The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2014 is now available. Click here to view the report.


The City of Brunswick Wastewater Treatment Plant removes harmful compounds from wastewater to meet State and Federal standards.  By doing this we help to keep the Potomac River watershed and downstream water supply safe and clean.

Curbside Recycling Pickup


Please Note:  For questions regarding water and sewer bills, please contact the Utility Billing Clerk at City Hall at 301-834-7500.

For information on City of Brunswick Public Works, please contact us:

Superintendent of Public Works – John Gerstner
FAX  301-834-7638

Superintendent of Wastewater Treatment Plant – Patrick Hoffmaster

Superintendent of Water Plant – Patrick Hoffmaster