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The Mayor and Council meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Click here for more information including the most recent agenda.

In the News…

  • Click here to view the 2014 Veterans Day Parade Winner List.
  • On Wednesday, November 12, 2014, Mayor Tome issued the following statement:  “On Monday, November 10th, the City invited Kristen Brown of WasteZero to make an informational presentation on what ONE type of trash metering might look like for Brunswick, by using actual numbers for our current trash and recycling pickups. This meeting was intended to get a discussion going on the subject, but it was NOT meant to imply that the City was moving forward any time soon on a system like this. More information will be forthcoming over the next few months and the Mayor and Council will NOT be making any decisions on this until it is fully vetted with the public. Thank you for your interest in this subject.”
  • The following update comes from First Energy representatives:  We installed a New Automated Airswitch at the Brunswick Substation – Completed mid August.  The purpose of this project is to reduce the likelihood of a loss of the subtransmission source to the Brunswick Substation. In its original configuration, a fault on the subtransmission line from Millville to Brunswick to Petersville caused the terminal line end at Millville Substation to open, and remain open until manually closed by a crew. Since the subtransmission line is normally open at Petersville Substation, a loss of source to the Brunswick Substation would occur until the trouble was found and the line was closed manually. The new airswitch is automated and will sense a fault on the Petersville side (which is where we have had the large majority of tree related damage) and open, thus isolating the damage and preventing a sustained interruption in the feed from Millville. This project will benefit all customers served out of the Brunswick Substation by reducing the likelihood that we will experience a sustained loss of power to the substation.  We also eliminated the 12kv portion of the Rosemont circuit that runs through the valley between the substation and Brunswick Commons – Completed October 10.  This project removed from service the 12kv line feed from Brunswick (Rosemont circuit) up through the valley below Brunswick Crossing. This is the line section that is overbuilt with 34.5kv, and each time a tree falls from the banks onto the line, results in power surges to the customers, as well as a loss of power. The load served by this line section was transferred to another circuit fed from the Petersville Substation. This project benefits the customers previously fed from the Rosemont circuit by reducing the likelihood of power surges due to the subtransmission line making contact with the distribution line serving the customers.
  • After the July 2014 water and sewer billing cycle, the City deferred implementation of the rate increase until the October 2014 billing cycle. Credits were applied to all applicable utility accounts in the City’s utility billing software. Although those credits are not specifically called out on the current October bills, they are already applied to the current bill totals.To calculate the correct amount for any utility bill from the City of Brunswick, please use the FY2015 rates for the current bills (that would apply to bills mailed in October 2014 and later). Please click here to be directed to the FY2015 rates. You can also view the FY2014 rates (for bills mailed prior to October 2014) by clicking here.  By using this rate information and the usage in gallons, customers should be able to calculate the correct amount due for any given quarterly bill, and compare it to the amounts paid to find the correct balance.
  • The City Code Enforcement and Police Departments refer all animal related complaints or concerns to Frederick County Animal Control.  Please direct all animal related questions to that agency at 301-600-1546.
  • Click here to view the 2013 Drinking Water Quality Report.
  • Commuter parking spaces are now available for lease in the City’s Railroad Square Parking Lot beside the train station.  The cost is $330 per year, or $30 per month.  Call 301-834-7500, ext. 206 for more information or to lease a space.
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City Meeting Schedule

Mayor & Council - 2nd Tuesdays; Planning Commission - 4th Mondays; Ethics Commission - 4th Tuesdays; Board of Appeals - as needed